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Survival Seeds

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Survival Seed BankDeluxe Emergency Seed BankHeriloom Organics Family Pack
Survival Seed BankFamily Survival Emergency Seed Bankfamily seed vault
22 varieties of Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds
Quantity: 30,000 seeds
Free "Nitro Seed Starter Solution"
Seeds come from reputable seed company
Paper/plastic bags, non resealable seed bank
57 Heirloom Varieties
Combines 3 Seed Banks at 10% Discount:
1. Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank - 33 Varieties
2. Medicinal Herb Seeds Pack - 12 Varieties
3. Culinary Herb Seeds Pack - 12 Varieties
Military Grade Ammo Packaging
Grows Anywhere in the US
35 vegetable varieties
100 000+ seeds
2,8 LBs
Specifically designed to provide optimum nutrition
in the space provided from a family yard with LOTS of seed.
Price: $149Price: $139,99Price: $149
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survival seedsSurvival Seeds

Survival seeds are an absolute must have no matter which kind of preserved foods you have stored, froze, freeze dried or canned! Sooner or later all of these food reserves will run out and if you don’t plan on time, you could be facing the end of your food reserves with nothing to replace them.
Having heirloom and open pollinated vegetable seeds is the only long term food storage program for you and your family!

Even if you, or some members of your family are not big vegetable eaters, in times when other food supply ran out or become extremely rare, fresh vegetables will have new appeal.

If you purchase a good supply of heirloom garden seeds that make most survival seed banks, you will have everything you need to feed yourself and your family for life. But you need be careful to buy open pollinated non-hybrid or heirloom seeds!

Survival Seed and Survival Seed Bank

Survival seeds in most survival seed banks offer storability and variety needed for any long term food storage program. These vaults are packed with non-hybrid seeds that will reproduce well, and can be saved for next growing season.

Seeds for Survival come with many vegetables varieties, usually at least 15-20 different vegetables. Each survival seed bank can contains planting guidelines, extensive information o soil preparation and information on how to save seed for next planting season.

Survival vegetable seeds will produce crops that will produce seeds which can be collected and planted next season, keeping the vegetable growing cycle and seed saving cycle year after year!

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